What’s So Special About the Fix+?


the wrinkled background is an accidental aesthetic

Who else is feeling the “first day of the month” vibes? Happy belated Chinese New Year!

I got the Fix+ around the Christmas holidays. I haven’t used it much, and that’s mainly because I want to preserve as much of it. I’m scared of running out of my products. That’s a phobia of mine. All matters aside, I always wondered what the Fix+ did so well that got people hyped up about it.

… (this represents me as I start to use it)

I don’t even know why I had questions. The Fix+ is the product that’s full of so many uses. It’s the product that you never knew you needed! I already know that I’m going to be using it all the time, and you probably will, too. It’s refreshing, soothing, and gives your skin a youthful bounce! So here are my top three uses for it!

  1. Intensifying your makeup.
    MAC Fix+ will be the ka to your pow. Got that eyeshadow that won’t bling no matter how much you pack onto your eyelid? Spritz your brush with Fix+ and bask in eternal happiness. I used this with ColourPop’s Game Face super shock shadow, and I absolutely loved the foiled copper result. Or, you know, you can also make your highlight even more intense. There’s never too much!
  2. Prepping your face.
    Hold on! Don’t throw your primer away just yet. A light spray of Fix+ on your face before anything else would “prep” your skin with a boost of hydration. That doesn’t mean you should stop using moisturizer, lol. It also gives later face products something to cling onto!
  3. Dewy, dewy, dewy.
    I would not substitute an actual setting spray for the Fix+. Please don’t do that. But you know what it’s real good at? Giving your skin a natural, youthful, and dewy look. This is great for whenever you feel that your makeup is too matte. I wouldn’t repeat this if I sprayed it beforehand before my foundation, though, because my skin would already be dewy from that.

hey, you need me^

Sorry this is so short! I’ve been busy lately. I’m still such an amateur in this blogging thing. Aaah. I’d love to hear what you use the Mac Fix+ for, and what you’d like to see next!



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