The Best Highlighter Under $10!

So, highlighters. Those godly like things that either give you the perfect glow, or grace you with an effortless DIY look on I-just-ran-a-20km-marathon-without-stopping-so-now-I’m-glistening-with-sweat. Whichever you prefer.

I’m personally a huge fan of ColourPop’s $8 highlighters. With $8, you get a lot of product so it’s going to last you a verrry long time. If you close that sucker up tight! (You’ll get that joke if you ordered from them before.) ColourPop highlighters are extremely pigmented. One swipe gives me the perfect glow. Did I mention they’re creamy as heck? It feels like the most heavenly and creamy butter. But then again, ColourPop products are always creamy.

If we’re talking Ride or Die, my go-to highlighter would be the one and only Churro. It’s a marbled highlighter, mixed with three of their pre-existing shades; WispAvalon, and Stole the Show. All of these joined together makes the best mix of gold, champagne, and bronze/coppery tones.

Churro 💫 #colourpopme #highlight #makeup

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I also own two duo-chrome highlighters from ColourPop; Honeymoon, and Over the Moon. I was kind of skeptical about opalescent highlighters, but they blew me away. For better, of course. My initial thought was that since they were loud colors, they were only for bigger and bolder looks. But no—you’ll be surprised at how wearable this is. I wouldn’t wear opalescent colored highlighters everyday, but if you just put a little on the cheekbones and on the brow bone, you can achieve a playful and pretty look effortlessly!

The best thing about these highlighters is that they’re buildable. If you want to give your nose a sheen glow but you don’t want to go a full ka-bam on it, you totally can! My favorite way to apply ColourPop’s highlighters is with my fingers (I clean them, of course). Another way is to use a synthetic fan brush. Just blend your highlight—you can stop right there. But if you want a bit more of a glow, apply a little more. It’s hard to go over the board with these. What do you mean, too much highlight? Haha.

I completely understand your feelings when you see someone swatch a Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Highlighter and wishing you could buy it without the guilt that you just spent $38 on one highlighter. Or wishing that you could get the La Bronze highlighter from Artist Couture and Jackie Aina’s collaboration and ignore the fact that you just spent $50. At least that one’s a set! Hold your horses and don’t splurge on them just yet! Save up, and then DJ Khaled “treat yo self”. For the $8 mark ColourPop set, you really can’t go wrong!

Any honorable mentions under $10? Let me know!


tru, doe.


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    Awesome post, very helpful. Some of I haven’t tried yet. Nice one 👌🏻👌🏻

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