L.A. Girl Pro-Conceal HD Concealer + Color Corrector

Everybody knows the hype about L.A. Girl concealers. Right? Which is exactly why it’s no surprise that I’m going to rave about them!

I got this about a little over half a year ago from Beauty Joint for a mind-boggling price of $2.99 each. This makeup store in NZ was selling them for about $11 NZD each, but that’s about $7.90 USD. No thanks honey.

I was never a huge concealer user, but for some reason when the package arrived, I couldn’t stop using it. I was cleaning up my brows, magicking away my dark circles, you name it. They’re so creamy. The brush tip glides on precicely right underneath my brows. I’ve heard people hack it off and squeeze the product on their hand instead, though. I haven’t tried it myself. When you do get it, I recommend you sort of “massage” or “mix” the concealer in its tubes. A couple tacks on the table would do. Trust me, I once immediately squeezed the product, but it was only water that came out. I reckon it had settled for so long (I did, after all, get it from a third-party seller) that the water was partially separated from the rest of the concealer.

One thing I’m bad with these guys? Contouring. When I would try to blend the product in, I’ll be looking like I had mud smeared on my face. It’s sad because Beautiful Bronze is the perfect contour shade for my skin tone, and I just don’t know how to use it right.

So about color correctors: I love mine. I only purchased the orange corrector.Let me tell you, it’s pigmented af. I didn’t even put a lot underneath my eyes, but all of a sudden I had blood red circles instead of dark circles. It did manage to take away the sleepiness from my face, though. After I blended my regular concealer shade (Pure Beige) over it. Maybe in the future we don’t need to do that. Who knows? Red undereyes might actually be a look.

Yeah, you could buy Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer and get amazing quality, but L.A. Girl’s really a bang for a buck. If you’re looking for an affordable creamy concealer with great (but not wholesome) coverage, I recommend getting this. If you’re looking for something high end with even more quality, like the Nars Creamy Concealer and Tarte Shape Tape concealer, power to ya!

L-R: pure beige, orange corrector, beautiful bronze


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